• Bauerfeind works with athletes to design the best products for athletes. The Bauerfeind range is made for the competitor who works equally as hard in training as in the game, made for the amateur or professional who wants improved performance.

    By studying elite athletes, Bauerfeind sports scientists have created innovative protection for muscles and joints. The line of compression technology improves the flow of oxygen to the body for increased circulation, better endurance, less fatigue and quicker recovery time.

    3D Airknit technology is light and breathable, and anatomically designed for the perfect fit. Special functional zones are flexible and stable. Wide edged band keeps sleeve securely in place.

    Keeps muscles warm to help protect against pulls or tears, while the skin stays cool.

    For sizing: 1) Start measurement a hand's width below the crotch and measure the circumference of the thigh at this point. 2) With the knee bent at a right angle, start at a point in the hollow of the knee, measure the circumference of the thigh.

    NOTE: Package includes two sleeves.